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The SE_GIS module provides the geographic information system (GIS) for the StrataExplorer base application. It is used as the primary display and selection interface for the base application. Without the SE-GIS module the application will display of list of projects only and not display basemaps. There are now two types of basemaps, web map services or static. The GIS stores all of the basemap, project, well, boring, cross-section, and other spatial data for the application.

GIS layers can include satellite images, aerial photos, roads and streets, pipelines, railway lines, flood zones, municipal zoning, terrain, topography, and demographic data.

Web Map Services Web map services use a standard protocol to serve georeferenced map images over the Internet. This protocol was developed and published by the Open Geospatial Consortium. Several web map services are available within the application and more are being added with each update.

In addition, custom web map services can be added within the program for user subscribed services such as First Base Solutions. The First Base Solutions Web Map Service is a live connection to high-resolution orthophoto and contour mosaics for Canada.

Static Basemaps
These basemaps consist of a set of georeferenced layers (shape files) for different parts of the world. GAEA has created over 300 predefined static basemaps that can be downloaded from our Internet site or a CD. Once a predefined static basemap has been created, additional GIS layers can be added to it.

  • Web map services include Bing Aerial, Bing Roads, Open Street Maps, MapQuest Open Street Maps, MapQuest Open Aerial, USGS Orthoimagery, USGS Elevation, USGS Geology, Canada Atlas, British Bedrock and Geology, British Hydrogeology, European Altitude, European Soil Classification, and Australian Geology.
  • Over 300 predefined static basemaps can be downloaded from Internet.
  • Custom web map services can be added within the program.
  • Basemap, project, well and boring location, cross-section location and other spatial data is stored in the main GIS database.
  • Basemaps represent the geographic data as a collection of layers.
  • Version 2 comes with hundreds of static basemaps that cover most countries.
  • Examples of layers are satellite images, aerial photos, roads, lakes and streams, political boundaries, building footprints, utility lines, and terrain.
  • Projects contain the same layers as the basemap and may contain additional layers.
  • Project, well, and boring data can be spatially queried, selected, and reported from the basemap.
  • Both map and local coordinates can be specified for a project.
  • Project addresses can be looked up using Open Street Maps and MapQuest.
  • GIS data from the project map can be overlain on 3D displays.
  • The transparency of contour maps and project GIS overlays can be adjusted on 3D displays.
  • A wide variety of spatial data can be imported; such as Shape (SHP), AutoCAD DWG, AutoCAD DXF, CAD DGN, Raster JPG, Raster BMP, Raster GIF, ArcInfo or Surfer ASCII Grid, GPS Exchange, USGS DEM, and SPOT BIL files.

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