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GEODAVE Client allows the visualisation and analysis of geodata and consists of the modules. GEODAVE Client provides a stand-alone viewer application for map services, where JavaServer Pages server-sidely create HTML pages with JavaScript functions. The thin client makes only low demands on the bandwidth and requires neither applets nor plugins. Its user interface is optically adjusted to the interface of ArcMap.

  • Map,
  • Advanced Analysis (in process),
  • Interoperability, and
  • Print (in process).

The Map Module

The map module displays the geodata and background data in a map. It provides fundamental navigation and analysis functionality, e.g. zooming, panning, and identifying. The module also handles switching the layers on and off in the 'Table Of Contents' (TOC).

The Advanced Analysis Module

The advanced analysis module will cover additional features like search and find via an SQL builder as well as predefined queries.

The Interoperability Module

The interoperability module provides the opportunity to integrate standardised 'Web Map Services' (WMS) into a map. At present, OGC compliant WMS fulfilling the specifications 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 are supported, and the implementation of specification 1.3.0 is currently under development. In the near future, the visualisation of the WMS will be adaptable via the so-called 'Styled Layer Descriptors' (SLD) of OGC specification 1.0. The module will thus help to fit the layers of OGC compliant WMS to one's own map services. OGC compliant 'Web Feature Services' (WFS) will soon be supported by the interoperability module as well.

The Print Module

The print module offers an output to the scale of the current map extent. Thereby, the user chooses between HTML and PDF as print format and, where appropriate, adds diverse optional map elements like overview map, north arrow, or scalebar to the print layout. The module will also support a print preview.

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