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GEODAVE Edit enables the users to edit the geometries and attributes of versioned SDE data. This unit consists of the modules. The proper access to the SDE data is managed by the unit GEODAVE Secure. One big advantage when applying GEODAVE Edit is that the GIS functions are processed server-sidely. Desktop GIS are no prerequisite at the individual client computers. The web application is accessible by every admitted computer in the intranet/internet simply via an internet browser. The thin client requires only low bandwidth. We would like to offer you a trial access to GEODAVE Edit!

The Editor Module

The editor module allows selecting and editing the geometries and attributes of SDE data. A sketch tool is available to draw new geometries via vertices. Existing geometries can be selected, reshaped, changed, and deleted. New geometries may automatically be connected to existing features or be adopted by them via copy & paste.

Using the editor module, geometries can be snapped to a destination point in any layer. In addition, geoprocessing tools like union, intersect, clip, or split are available.

The attribute editor allows to record new attributes and to modify existing data. The attribute values of selected features can collectively be assigned, which allows to efficiently change attributes in mass data. This also includes tables tied by relationship classes.

The changes can finally be saved in the SDE version or otherwise be rejected.

The Interoperability Module

The interoperability module includes the opportunity to display additional SDE layer in the map. That way, not only preconfigured data but also additional SDE data can be provided for further processing (e.g. snapping) if the current user has at least read access to this data.

The Topology Module

The topology module covers the consistent editing of SDE layers that are part of an ESRI geodatabase topology. Along with the visualisation and description of all associated topology rules, the module includes the consistent adoption of new or modified geometries as well as their verification and, where necessary, the support on conflict resolution.

The Geodatabase Behaviour Module

The geodatabase module supports consistent behaviour concerning subtypes, domains, and relationship classes, both at reading and writing of data. Thus, GEODAVE Edit even allows editing in complex data models.

The Dynamic Segmentation Module

The features for dynamic segmentation are currently under development. In the near future, ESRI's route event technology will be supported.

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