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HazMat Online Inspection and Verification Software


HAZMAT is an ONLINE inspection and verification INTERNET application designed exclusively for dangerous goods consignments being transported by air. This 'Expert System' helps carriers identify areas of compliance/non-compliance according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations, reducing clerical time and helping you eliminate costly shipping errors.

This innovative Internet application is more than a mere reproduction of government shipping regulations; HAZMAT employs regulatory intelligence, eliminating individual interpretation, confusion and headaches regarding proper documentation, packaging, marking and labeling. 

Log in from any computer connected to the Internet around the world from any carrier facility/station to accept and process shipments as they are loaded onto aircraft. Then, generate completed, fully compliant NOTOCs within seconds for the pilot of the aircraft and instantly transfer NOTOCs to the next landing point.

Enter shipment(s) by hand or via bar code and HAZMAT will instantly verify the shipment, identifying all non-compliant errors of the shipment(s). Then, create NOTOC documents with a click of the mouse button! Automated NOTOC print-outs with emergency response information help to improve the overall efficiency of shipping dangerous goods via air transport.

Integrated logic
Built-in business logic does the 'compliance thinking' for you. Errors on the shipper's declaration form or from manual entry are automatically detected and displayed to inform carriers of potential hazards of a shipment before it boards a plane. HAZMAT uses built-in logic based on current IATA, ICAO and CFR 49 171.22 & 175 regulations.

Note: United States government variations are automatically incorporated into the programming logic and can be disabled for shipments not traveling in, out or through the United States.

Q-value calculation
HAZMAT correctly calculates the Q-value, when necessary, of all applicable UN numbers inside of an 'all-packed-in-one' package automatically. This can be then used to verify against the Q-value displayed on the declaration form.

Q Value

The value 'Q' cannot exceed a value of 1 in this formula, where n1, n2, etc. are the net quantities per package of each dangerous goods and M1, M2, etc. are the maximum net quantities allowed per package for each dangerous goods.

HAZMAT can process both radioactive and non-radioactive materials being shipped and entered into the system.

Intuitive displays
3-dimensional packaging diagrams are created based on user entry, so carriers can verify that the marking and labeling on the packaging is compliant with all applicable regulations. HAZMAT also lists allowable packaging variations.

HAZMAT generates automated compliance check-list for company retention files for each shipment entered into the system.

Bar code scanning
Transfer shipmented entered in ShipHazmat to HAZMAT via bar code and eliminate the possibility for manual entry errors. Instantaneously accept and verify shipments to generate fully compliant NOTOCs within seconds!

Operator and state variations
Applicable operator and state variations for each UN number added to a shipper's declaration form are available for users to review. Automated assignment of Operator and State variations is available and customized to the carrier's requirements.

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