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The Pix4D professional photogrammetry software is currently the most used on the drone mapping market. It makes it possible to exploit hundreds of images to obtain very precise and georeferenced point cloud, orthophotographies or textured 3D models.

The ideal working tool for surveyors
The Pix4D software uses the principle of photogrammetry. Indeed, during the processing, it comes to search all the homologous points of the images to reconstruct 3D models. This easy to use and ergonomic tool allows you to be operational very quickly. It is particularly known for his performance in aesthetic rendering.
With Pix4D, you can import terrestrial or aerial files. The main standard data export formats are available. This facilitates the data integration on point cloud management software such as Autocad, Qgix or Arcgix.

A wide range of applications
The Pix4D software is used in various application areas:

  • Construction
  • Technical Inspection
  • Mines and quarries
  • Expert surveyors and topographers
  • Archaeologist
  • Architect (BIM)
  • Building and Public Works Sector
  • Police and insurance (for accident scene reconstruction)
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental monitoring

The Pix4D professional photogrammetry software technical specifications
Pix4D professional photogrammetry software can support .jpg or .tiff images from multiple cameras in a single project. It is also able to extract automatically fixed images from videos in mp4 or avi format.

With Pix4D, you can perform accurate volume calculations on perfect stock representation with a fully adjustable base height.

Point cloud processing
On Pix4D, you can produce and visualize a dense and detailed 3D point cloud through automatic densification. It is also possible to automatically classify RGB dense point clouds into 5 groups: ground, road surface, high vegetation, building, and man-made object. A multitude of possibilities are available to work your cloud of points: cloud cleaning, 3D vectorization, identification of characteristic elements, cubature calculation, etc.

Hélicéo, expert training

Helicéo offers a complete training cycle on the Pix4D software. It is our geomatic engineers who provide this training. Hélicéo is certified “Trainer and Host Structure” by Pix4D.

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