Impact Studies on Road Infrastructures



Using the latest cutting-edge modelling tools, NUMTECH coordinates end-to-end production of the « Air and Health » strands of road infrastructure impact studies in collaboration with the Centre d’Etudes de l’Impact de l’Environnement sur la Santé (C.E.I.E.S.) and specialist partners in the field of metrology. According to the recommendations of the interministerial circular dated February 2005, our partners take measurements using passive samplers and, where appropriate, mobile laboratories, in order to quantify initial air quality prior to conducting projects.

Using the COPERT III or COPERT IV method, we make emission calculations to set initial values in our dispersion models (ADMS-Roads, FLUENT 3-D model), and thereby assess air concentrations of pollutants listed in the circular. These results are used to map Urban Pollution Indexes, and provide comparisons with regulatory air quality criteria.

In partnership with C.E.I.E.S., NUMTECH produces health risk assessment studies as part of Level 1 research that factor in the results of dispersion studies, together with inhalation and oral (ingestion) pathways.

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