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Optimize your Industrial Hygiene program performance; ProcessMAP’s Industrial Hygiene (IH) suite equips Industrial Hygienists and EHS professionals to make informed decisions supported by reliable data and actionable insights. Our user-friendly software streamlines management of each site’s IH program and minimizes risks to safeguard and improve the health of your workforce by effectively managing occupational exposure levels.


Seamless Integrations with IH Labs

Entering data in and out to update lab results into your system can take hours in data entry and validation alone. Allow our platform to create integrations with your Industrial Hygiene laboratory to automatically submit your data to them for analysis, and then have their results automatically fed into the system! We have experience integrating our system with most laboratories. Bureau Veritas, Galston, we do it all!


Think Global!

Have facilities in more than one country? Different countries have different levels of exposure that are permissible in the workplace. Be able to compare your sample results directly with the Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) permissible by country/region with ProcessMAP's IH software.


Sampling Lifecycle Management

ProcessMAP's Industrial Hygiene software allows your organization to conduct Industrial Hygiene sampling, submit the Chain of Custodies, retrieve results, and apply Corrective Actions all from one single unified platform!


Qualitative Risk Assessments

One of the great qualities of a robust Industrial Hygiene platform is the ability to assess hazards based on the ratings of severity, likelihood, existing controls in place (and PPE), control measures, and link ratings to sampling plans.


Sample Breakdown

Capture traditional sample details such as 15 minute STEL/ 8 hr TWA /task, area and/or personal, total sampling time, sampling media used, and more. Then validate the sample result versus the action levels and exposure limits based on country or company organization levels


Industrial Hygiene Sampling Sources

With ProcessMAP's Industrial Hygiene software, you can use sampling methodologies based on techniques such as air monitoring pumps, passive dosimeters, noise dosimeters, heat stress monitors, radio frequency probes, and so on.


Sampling Plan & Event Management

Be able to create and manage sampling plans and events based on agent, department and/ or both, allow external consultants to organize sampling plan and event activities.


Industrial Hygiene Sampling Management

Use this feature to capture details from individual samples and/or mixtures, link directly exposed employees and/or similar exposure groups, compare sample results versus limits, and more.


Action Item Tracking and Alerts

Be able to capture corrective and preventive actions associated with sampling exposure results, track due dates, assign ownership and ensure follow ups with rule-based e-mail notifications!

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