Informing the Public on Air Quality



City dwellers and urban planners are pressing for more and more information on air quality. NUMTECH has developed an operational system that analyses previous days' events, real-time situations and provides 3-day forecasts on changes in air quality. These monitoring systems use several different atmospheric dispersion models (Lagrangian, Eulerian, Gaussian) to produce extremely fine-scale spatio-temporal forecasts. The information can be made available to a group of urban areas, a town, a business district, a throughway, a neighbourhood or a street.

Users :

  • Local authorities
  • Public bodies

The Urban’Air system enables institutional networks, the Associations Agréées de Surveillance de la Qualité de l’Air (ASQAA - French Air Quality Monitoring Network) in particular, to provide a day-to-day air quality monitoring and forecasting service at street-scale for a whole city or town. The dispersion models used factor in all possible emission sources: transport networks - roads in particular - industrial sites, residential and commercial emissions, ports, airports, natural sources.

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