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- Version 2 - Emissions and Meteorological Data Conditions Software


INPUFF2 is one of the few puff models to allow multiple sources at multiple locations. Additionally, source emissions and meteorological data conditions can be changed during the modeling period. Moving sources can even be modeled!  These capabilities have made it one of the most popular models for feedlot odor modeling today.

BEE-Line Software’s INPUFF2 for Windows makes using this complicated model easy, with features like context-sensitive help. Other little extras set this version apart. For example, since INPUFF2 is suitable for modeling worst-case releases from air density gases, we have incorporated a special “112(r)” button that sets up many of the 112(r) worst-case release scenario defaults for you.

Like other BEE-Line Windows models, INPUFF2 for Windows features excellent on-screen graphics. You can view your current input data on-screen, verifying source and receptor placement at a glance. After the INPUFF2 model executes, our special on-screen output graphics let you look at concentrations at each receptor at a glance. With the special pull-down menu, you can quickly view concentrations for each “puff step” in the model. INPUFF2 for Windows can also directly interface to the SURFER for Windows for great graphics.

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