Job Safety Analysis Software (JSA)


Safety is necessary in every aspect of organizations in many industries, including each individual job function. EtQ's Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module breaks down a job position into its various operational steps in order to analyze each step for potential safety hazards, identify each step's associated hazards, analyze the risk of the hazard occurring, and determine preventive and counter measures that should be put in place.

  • Risk Assessment: JSA integrates with EtQ's Risk Assessment utility to determine the risk of a hazard occurring and measure the residual risk of the hazard.
  • Risk Rankings: Roll up each step to discover an overall risk ranking for the job position.
  • Take Action: Ability to assign Personal Protective Equipment (PP) to job functions as well as what preventive measures need to be taken in order to mitigate risk.

This concept of proactive job-related risk mitigation is a leading edge concept in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Management and is becoming a growing trend within EHS practices in many industries. EtQ's JSA module provides an environment to identify and mitigate potential risk within job position, ensuring each job is as safe as possible.

Job Safety Software is just one of the many processes EtQ's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Quality and Compliance Software streamlines and simplifies. EtQ's EHS, Quality and Compliance Software lets you take full advantage of the familiarity that most of your users already have with a Web browser by providing an interface with which they are already comfortable and productive. Modules within the EHS Software suite include: Crisis Management, Environmental Aspects, Targets & Objectives, MSDS, and more.

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