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LA gINT Tools are built for use with the gINT AGS3 data structure but can be adopted to suit any data structure.  They are specifically aimed at the UK market, but many are applicable worldwide. These Tools are in addition to the standard files shipped with all gINT Software products and the free downloads available from gINT Software.

  • Import AGS, XLS, CSV, TXT, and MDB Data.
  • Import DXF base plan.
  • Database designed around the AGS3 data structure.
  • Entry or import of logging information and geologic interpretation.
  • Statistical populations based on determinand, test type, units, and site sub division.
  • Statistical populations based on sample depth, or depth range such as geology code.
  • User defined land use / target water concentration for each site sub division or one for the entire site/project.
  • User defined determinands, SGV and trigger values, test type, unit and land use / target water concentration combinations.
  • User defined minimum population size to calculate statistics.
  • Exclusion of statistical outliers from statistical populations.
  • User defined upper percentile bound for mean value test.
  • User defined critical percent values for maximum value test.
  • Screening of results and computation of the statistical tests defined in CLR7.
  • No practical limit to the number of samples or test results.
  • Output of colourful and monochrome report quality plans, fences (sections), tables, and histograms that highlight the fails and outliers filtered for user definable determinands, site sub divisions, and determinand groups (i.e.
  • Organics, PAHs…).
  • Export reports as PDF, BMP, JPG, DXF, GDW…
  • Filter reports for outliers, sample depth, and depth range such as geology code.
  • Use of your existing logs and other gINT reports with the tool.
  • Export data using Queries to Excel for further analysis.
  • Export of contouring data.
  • Connect to GIS Software.
  • Free technical support covering installation, licensing issues and any other support needed to keep your Tool running.
  • Comprehensive PDF manual.

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