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- Version v5 - Fugitive Emissions Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Software


LeakDAS v5 offers a path to standardize your Fugitive Emissions Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program operations. LeakDAS v5 is more than a database to store LDAR data. It serves as the LDAR Program Administrator's dashboard for managing fugitive emission compliance operations on a daily, monthly, quarterly, annual basis. In addition to providing information that helps to optimize LDAR operations, LeakDAS manages information and record keeping in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and focused on regulatory compliance. It provides the tools to make your LDAR program defendable when audited.

Also available are data collection software products that offer ease of use and accountability. Check out LeakDAS Mobile Edition for tagging, tag maintenance, auditing, visual inspections and Method 21. LeakDAS Mobile Edition transmits data between the field and your LDAR database wirelessly.

InspectionLogic Corp. is widely known as the market leader for software used to assist with managing Fugitive Emissions LDAR programs at chemical processing plants, refineries, gas pipeline/processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other industries that must comply with the government regulations pertaining to VOC and Hazardous Air Pollutants emitting from leaking chemical processing equipment. Learn more about 

What makes InspectionLogic Corporation and its software product, LeakDAS, the market leader?  Significant investment in the development of LeakDAS, making it the industry's most advanced LDAR program management software. Overwhelming acceptance and endorsement by companies using LeakDAS and other vendors who supply equipment and services to the LDAR community. And an annual User's Conference that is the gold standard for customer engagement and education. 

Data management is at the center of every LDAR program, and InspectionLogic is taking responsibility for ensuring the LDAR community is being supported. InspectionLogic will continue to grow by leveraging its leadership position in the LDAR community to release new EH&S management apps and products.

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