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EddyPro® Software is a powerful open source software application that computes fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and energy with the eddy covariance method. With just a few clicks, you can process lengthy data sets in the LI-COR GHG file format. EddyPro also supports other common data formats, such as ASCII (including TOA5) and binary (including TOB1) files. EddyPro is open source software developed, maintained and supported by LI-COR Biosciences. It originates from ECO2S, the Eddy COvariance COmmunity Software project, which was developed as part of the Infrastructure for Measurement of the European Carbon Cycle (IMECC-EU) research project. We gratefully acknowledge the IMECC consortium, the ECO2S development team, the University of Tuscia (Italy) and scientists around the world who assisted with development and testing of the original version of this software.

  • Accurate fluxes for most eddy covariance configurations
  • Easy to learn - even if you are new to eddy covariance
  • Simple to use - most projects can be completed in a few clicks
  • Seamless processing of the LI-COR eddy covariance GHG file type
  • Built on the proven IMECC* platform; results validated against EdiRE and other commonly accepted flux processing software tools
  • Default settings and parameters are based on commonly-used flux computation routines
  • Data output is compliant with GHG-Europe and AmeriFlux standard data submission formats

The LI-COR GHG file type, which is available for the LI-7500A Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer, LI-7200 Enclosed CO2/H2O Analyzer, and LI-7700 Open Path CH4 Analyzer is a novel file configuration that bundles scalar and vector data with relevant information on the research site and instruments (metadata). When imported into EddyPro Express, all the required information is pre-compiled and available to the software.
All you have to do is name the project, specify the location of raw data directories, select variables to process, and click “RUN.” EddyPro Express applies appropriate corrections based on published procedures and computes greenhouse gas fluxes.

Not only do you get flux calculations, EddyPro Express generates quality control flags, first and second order statistics, and provides many other micrometeorological parameters. It employs numerous “best practices” for good record keeping, allowing you to keep track of the instruments in use and retrace the entire pedigree of large data sets.

EddyPro Express will quickly compute accurate fluxes with data collected in typical eddy covariance configurations. EddyPro Advanced, when released, will provide a powerful suite of additional algorithms that are needed to process data collected from eddy covariance systems over uneven topography and with closed path systems that use long, unheated intake tubes. See the comparison chart below for more information.


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