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MAGLOG-LITE CAESIUM MAGNETOMETER/GRADIOMETER LOGGING AND DISPLAY SOFTWARE. Package includes the ability to control and receive data concurrently from up to two G-880/881/882 Caesium Marine Magnetometer systems using CM-201/221 Counter assemblies. The system provides graphical display of total field and gradient from multiple magnetometers, altitude above seafloor, sensor depth or other analogue data input to the A/D's on the CM-201 Counters. Diagnostic measurements for quality control are provided and include signal strength, noise (8th difference), anomaly amplitude for each sensor, plus GPS position with real time track plot display and preset alarm range.

Real time calculation of sensor(s) GPS position (layback) is performed using either special 'dragging' algorithm. This multi-position data is stored and/or transferred via RS-232 or Ethernet. All data is recorded in lat/long or X,Y, format for easy analysis and contouring.

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