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GIS Meteo Hydro provides hydrological departments with the following opportunities: Observation of small, medium and large rivers conditions, observation of reservoirs conditions, systematization of hydrological observation data, control over snow coverage condition in forests and agricultural holdings, maintaining journals. Forecasting of water flow and runoff volumes, reservoirs inflow, water and ice phenomenon forecasting, ice thickness forecasting, forecasting of threshold values of hydrological phenomenon, special reports, reference information of water bodies regimes (used for various economy sectors, such as energetic, water transport etc.). Various long-term forecastings. Hydrological phenomena warnings and wind wave height forecasting for lakes and reservoirs.

GIS Meteo Hydro provides hydrologists with surface analysis charts, air temperature prognostic charts and precipitations prognostic charts of various lead-times.

GIS Meteo Hydro provides opportunity for using locally-made model computation of served water bodies.

GIS Meteo Hydro must be provided with satellite images of the Earth surface (snow coverage, ice condition at water bodies). The minimal requirements are the HRPT and TERRA/MODIS images.

The local GIS Meteo Hydro database holds the current data from various hydrological stations for the 5-days period along with the overall annual data from meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological stations within the area of responsibility. Numerous archive and normative data for past years are available as well.

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