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Purafil chemical filters are technologically advanced products for dry filtering of odours and gaseous pollutants. They are based on activated carbon and activated alumina which are impregnated with chemical neutralizers. The chemical filters are manufactured with state-of-the-art impregnation with special chemicals aimed at neutralizing specific groups of air pollutants. Purafil chemical filters unlike simple active carbon filters are based on chemisorption to neutralize odours. Purafil chemical filters achieve almost 100% efficiency in removing pollutants and offer a longer life.

Purafil offers the possibility of calculating the lifetime of each chemical medium supplied so that at all times the optimum technical and economical solution is selected. This process is done through the MediaPik of Purafil.

An example of the program is shown below:

Each odor or air pollutant is treated with one or more types of chemical filters. The performance of the chemical agent and the characteristics of the pollutant are presented to the MediaPik program, so that the optimal combination of chemical filters is made and the most affordable solution is arrived at. The data for hydrogen sulfide is given in the following table:

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