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Metrohm's modern spectroscopy software caters to the specific needs of users. This intuitive, powerful, and flexible software offers you a consistent user experience for: Routine analysis, Data management, Method development.

  • Convenient and easy to use: Dedicated interfaces for intuitive operation and improved security.
  • Straightforward data management: SQL-based database for superior searching and managing.
  • Easy instrument management: Configure a network of spectrometers in one step.
  • Superior transparency: GMP conformity through clear Audit Trails, user management, and electronic signatures.
  • Flexible method development: Compatibility with different software solutions.


Simplify your procedures – thanks to dedicated user interfaces for routine analysis, data management, and method development.

Vision Air lets you stay on top of things by providing a clear overview at all times, thus reducing the room for human error.

The database system and filter functions of Vision Air allow you to access all data at any time. Database access is protected, and files can't be accidentally deleted.

Build a network of several analyzers and implement identical instrument configurations with ease – with the client/server version of Vision Air.

Results, user administration, instrument configuration, and calibrations models are accessible at any time from anywhere through a secure connection.

Vision Air helps you to ensure full traceability of your operating procedures through:
  • Audit Trail
  • User administration
  • Electronic signatures
  • Monitoring functions

Reports can be generated automatically and are available for audits both digitally and as a text file.

Use your preferred software solution for method development. Vision Air supports software tools for method development from various manufacturers:
  • Vision (Metrohm)
  • Vision Pharma (Metrohm)
  • PLS_Toolbox (Eigenvector Research Inc.)
  • The Unscrambler® (Camo)

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