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Increase the speed and quality of your conceptual BMH designs with MineCycle Material Handling software. Save time and reduce errors with combined civil, structural, and mechanical design. Use the time savings to consider more options and find the best performing BMH design. Complete designs up to 30% faster and produce more competitive studies and bids.

With the only BMH design product made for the express needs of conceptual design, you can:

  • Deliver studies and bids with more agility, less time, and lower cost
  • Optimize on cost, footprint, and more to show the relative advantage of the proposed design
  • Create fast and accurate project estimates by performing layout in the context of the full site
  • Clearly express your design intent with 3D visuals produced straight from the layout model
  • Speed the transition to FEL 3-4 with a ready-to-detail 3D model

Create and compare conceptual bulk material handling design options

Create and compare conceptual bulk material handling design options
Create, compare, and manage design alternatives to optimize for cost, footprint, and other owner-operator objectives. Copy and edit designs with tools to rotate and move entire sections of the plant. Demonstrate a thorough conceptual design process and the relative advantage of the proposed layout.

Design conceptual BMH site layout
Use a 3D site model to understand how equipment, conveyors, stockpiles, haul roads, and more function as a system. Move and edit design objects quickly with design rules that maintain relationships and adjust connected equipment automatically. Explore multiple site layouts quickly.

Perform multi-discipline conceptual BMH design
Use one application for civil, structural, and mechanical design. Model terrain to optimize energy requirements. Design haul roads as well as cut and fills with civil site tools. Place trestles and gantries with structural tools and model transfer station and conveyors with mechanical tools.

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