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Mosaic Carbon Accounting Software

Mosaic is a web-based energy intelligence platform that helps organizations to measure and reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. It's simple, scalable, and easy.More and more organizations are realizing the importance of measuring and managing their energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to help them save money, improve performance, and understand climate-related risks and opportunities. Until recently, spreadsheets were the most commonly used tool for gathering data and performing analyses. They were difficult to create and maintain and were especially cumbersome for organizations with multiple locations and users. Mosaic is unique among enterprise energy and carbon accounting software because it is based on more than a decade of experience helping thousands of our clients reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.

Mosaic is a web-based platform that helps organizations understand and manage energy and carbon emissions. Mosaic offers simple solutions for aggregating data about the energy profile and operational activities of an organization. Automated conversions and calculations help identify energy savings opportunities and calculate GHG emissions. Custom reports and simple dashboards help organizations track, compare, and visualize this valuable information.

Mosaic Offers Easy-to-Use Applications for Energy and Carbon Emissions

ManagementMosaic’s user-friendly interface and built-in analytics enable better decision-making for:

  • Energy Monitoring and Management - Understand consumption habits, highlight inefficiencies, and identify actionable performance improvements.
  • Enterprise Carbon Accounting - Understand corporate GHG emissions and produce reports for disclosure to corporate customers, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and government agencies.


  • Easier to use than spreadsheets, especially for organizations with multiple facilities
  • No software to deploy or maintain – just a simple, secure web login
  • Comes with consulting assistance from experts who get you started and provide user training
  • Available anywhere, anytime via the web
  • No need to stay up-to-date on emission factors and GHG inventory methods, because Mosaic is updated automatically when information changes
  • Reports are compliant with international GHG inventory standards to make reporting to CDP and other organizations easy
  • Simple, easy-to-understand and generate reports on energy use, benchmarks, and savings opportunities.
  • Robust enough for large organizations, but more affordable than other enterprise-level solutions
  • Automatically converts units of measure to provide accurate calculations
  • Measures Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol

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