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- Version MT - Interpretation Software Package


Software is intended for MT data normalization, the analysis and interpretation along the profile and on the grid. Build-in functions based on the document templates allow user to export results to Grapher and Surfer and allow user to make quick and good quality reports, freeing him from the routine work. The realized in the program, normalization of MT-data is based on the analysis of the graphs of the modules of tensor impedance components along the profile (grid). There is an option for automatic normalization for the selected period, total conductivity of sediments or manually. A dynamic change in the images of the frequency cross-sections of tensor parameters, curves and polar diagrams on the selected MT site allow to control the process of normalization.

The automatic construction of frequency cross-sections, graphs and polar diagrams both on the separate sounding sites and throughout entire array or part of it on the screen, as well as its export which is based on user defined templates, allow to carry out full frequency analysis of the data and to prepare it for further interpretation and inversion. During interpretation process the program could be used as the tool, that can define further methods of inversion and its parameters, and also as irreplaceable assistant for composing preliminary reports.

MTS_PROF is used successfully by Nord-West Ltd. as the intermediate link between data processing and geological MT data interpretation. It has friendly and intuitively intelligible graphic user interface. Adaptation of input-output file formats and documents is possible upon request.

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