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- Pressure Cycle Fatigue Analysis Software


Pacifica software performs pressure cycle fatigue analysis on crack flaws in pipelines based on the advanced API 579 Fracture Mechanics methodology. Fatigue growth analysis is performed using actual pressure data for real-time monitoring while hydraulic modeling determines true pressure loading at crack locations throughout the pipeline for accurate growth predictions. Pacifica also uses a database structure to store pressure data for future analysis. With the support of Quest Integrity engineers, the analysis data guides prioritization of anomaly investigations, hydrotest and ILI re-inspection schedules, material property testing requirements and evaluation of the impact of operations on seam weld integrity.

  • Utilizes API 579 FAD diagram as well as traditional fracture models
  • Calculates pressure cycling at flaw locations using a hydraulic model
  • Performs remaining life analyses to determine re-inspection intervals
  • Calibrates historical growth rates to current situation
  • Applies to parametric analyses including: flaw size and location, toughness and material properties to account for data uncertainty
  • Displays analysis results easily using built-in reporting templates

  • Lowers operator risk
  • Avoids unnecessary excavations
  • Improves understanding of growth rates and material properties
  • Provides more detailed analysis
  • Evaluates operational changes

    • Pipeline integrity analyses

    • Pressure cycling at flaw locations

    • Remaining life vs. flaw location

    • Remaining life assessment

  • Rainflow calculations

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