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PropertyPlus is a user friendly online health and safety database system that has been developed with the input of two of the largest property companies in the UK, to help manage health and safety data for multiple portfolios and individual properties and to monitor compliance across entire portfolios. PropertyPlus allows clients to actively manage health and safety issues within their premises. The system is populated by our consultants on completion of health and safety, fire safety and water risk assessments. Asbestos Surveys are also attached to the system as static documents. Clients can add their own actions to the system. Items that require regular servicing or inspection will automatically become due for action at the appropriate time and the system can be set up to provide e-mail reminders of these.


This feature provides senior management with a strategic overview of portfolio risk with graphical displays of outstanding actions, completed actions and highest risk properties.

Action Planning

Actions can be allocated to an appropriate person for action. This may be a member of staff, a contractor or an approved contractor from ContractorPlus – our linked contractor approval system.  

E-mails can be sent from the system requesting a quotation for the work required and purchase orders can be sent from the system once a price has been agreed.  

All activity is automatically stamped on the system so that a record of action taken is held.  

Progress notes can also be added to the system so that the status of any action can be identified at any given time.

Once the work is complete the action can be closed off and any associated documentation uploaded onto the system e.g. lift reports, electrical test certificates, photographs etc.

A history of completed actions is maintained enabling the client to demonstrate a proactive approach to health and safety.

PropertyPlus enables us to work in partnership with our clients as we can view any items completed and documentation uploaded prior to our annual assessment visit.

Clients can also create their own actions on the system. Once created actions can be allocated to contractors, etc. and the system used in the exactly the same way as outlined above. 


This gives the user the flexibility to choose which tasks they want to be reminded about and when.

Managers can also add their own escalation reminders to help them monitor their team’s performance.

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