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- Porosimetry Software for Quick and Easy Pore Size Determination

PSS PoroCheck is an easy-to-use porosimetry software for determination of pore size distributions, which uses standard chromatographic equipment to investigate porous structures without relying on specialized and high-priced instruments or requiring toxic substances.

PSS PoroCheck measures:

  • average pore size
  • dispersity of pore sizes
  • pore size distribution
  • pore volume
  • specific surface area
  • optimum size of guest molecule
  • selectivity parameters
  • and much more...


PoroCheck Advantages:

  • easy to learn and run
  • uses existing instrumentation
  • immediate return on investment
  • measures porous materials in their native state
  • also good for fragile samples or in swollen state
  • includes dynamics of pore accessability
  • wide pore size range (5...> 6.000 Å)
  • only measures accessible pores, no bottleneck pores
  • multitude of numerical and graphical results
  • fast and accurate results
  • no need for special equipment
  • no toxic or expensive chemicals
  • minimal operational cost


PoroCheck Applications:

  • chromatography media
  • drug delivery systems
  • ion-exchange resins
  • catalysts and catalyst supports
  • ceramics
  • nano-materials
  • molecular recognition
  • adsorbents
  • solid-state synthesis supports (Merrifield etc)
  • high-throughput screening carriers
  • bio-reactors

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