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  • OpenLAB


    OpenLAB is the latest innovation from Agilent Technologies for the laboratory. A scalable, feature-rich operating system for instruments and laboratory information, OpenLAB will provide you with a strategy for integrating instrumentation, local data systems, and laboratory electronic information into a fully protected, searchable, and archivable system. Utilizing the latest advances in software and database design, OpenLAB becomes your way of addressing...

  • LimsLink - Laboratory Information Management (LIMS)

    LimsLink - Laboratory Information Management (LIMS)

    LimsLink is a fully configurable software solution for creating instrument to LIMS interfaces that deliver the right level of automation to suit the instrument, the laboratory workflow and the analysts. LimsLink’s unique configuration process uses radio buttons, drop down menus and an exclusive graphic parser to create interfaces for every instrument in your lab, regardless of the source (RS232, TCP/IP, ODBC, API or files) or complexity of the...

  • Chromatography Data Systems

    Chromatography Data Systems

    Based on a network infrastructure a Chromatography Data System (CDS) integrates all instruments and client workstations together with a central data repository. This allows for multiple users to access and concurrently work with the central data repository and any connected instrument transparently from any connected client workstation. Within the client/server environment of a CDS you can configure as many clients and instruments as necessary,...

  • Version LC - Dissolution Software

    Version LC - Dissolution Software

    Agilent's LC Dissolution Software is an add-on module to the ChemStation Edition of the OpenLAB Chromatography Data Systems. The software controls the analysis of dissolution samples and calculates final dissolution results. In combination with OpenLAB ECM or OpenLAB Data Store, all tools for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance such as access control, data security, data integrity, electronic signatures and archival are provided.

  • Agilent J&W - GC & GC/MS Plot PT Columns Software

    Agilent J&W - GC & GC/MS Plot PT Columns Software

    Agilent J&W PLOT PT columns are engineered to improve lab operations. Unlike current techniques used to prevent PLOT stationary phase particles from shedding downstream, the integral particle traps of Agilent’s new PLOT PT columns remove the aggravation of connecting separate traps. Operation is more convenient and there is no risk from leaks. The integrated particle-trapping technology on both ends of PLOT PT GC columns reduces downtime....

  • Agilent - Version OpenLAB - Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

    Agilent - Version OpenLAB - Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

    OpenLAB ELN is a flexible laboratory notebook solution that simplifies and accelerates the capture, management, and sharing of all types of laboratory information. A high productivity alternative to traditional paper notebooks, OpenLAB ELN saves valuable analysts' time, shortens the path to results, and expedites better-informed decision-making. It safeguards intellectual property and supports 21 CFR Part 11 requirements through advanced security...

  • Agilent - SureDesign

    Agilent - SureDesign

    Create custom target enrichment or microarray designs specific to your research needs.Organize and browse your designs, download annotation files, and order kits.Browse, download, and order from Agilent's design catalog.Collaborate within your workgroup, and with other researchers.

  • MassHunter Profinder

    MassHunter Profinder

    MassHunter Profinder speeds up your differential analysis workflows by providing a batch feature extraction software tool for raw mass spectrometric data. Using data from Agilent 6200/6500 TOF/Q-TOF instruments, it allows you to find more compounds faster and with higher confidence.

  • RNA Analysis ScreenTape

    RNA Analysis ScreenTape

    The Agilent RNA ScreenTape assay is used in combination with the 2200 TapeStation system for the determination of quality and quantity of total RNA samples from eukaryote or prokaryote origin. The RNA Integrity Number equivalent (RINe) provides a user independent quality score for total RNA that is aligned with the RIN values obtained from the 2100 Bioanalyzer. The optional ladder can also provide sizing information.

  • Version D1000 - ScreenTape

    Version D1000 - ScreenTape

    The Agilent 2200 TapeStation system provides automated, fast and reliable DNA, RNA and protein electrophoresis for up to 96 samples using pre-packaged reagents and minimal manual handling. The Agilent D1000 and High Sensitivity D1000 ScreenTape assays have been developed for the separation and analysis of DNA fragments from 35 bp to 1000 bp for the 2200 TapeStation system. This Technical Overview focuses on the performance of both D1000 assays with...

  • OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition

    OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition

    OpenLAB Chromatography Data System (CDS) ChemStation Edition is a major revision of the industry-standard Agilent ChemStation. It handles the broadest range of separation techniques in the CDS market, including GC, LC, CE, SFC, LC/MS, and CE/MS. OpenLAB CDS is scalable from an individual Workstation to a fully distributed system. Flexible workflows are ideally suited for applications in all industries, from early product development to quality control....

  • SureCall


    Agilent SureCall software allows clinical researchers who use NGS panels for inherited diseases and cancer, to analyze, visualize, and contextualize NGS data using a single application. SureCall is a key component of Agilent's NGS Target Enrichment solution which includes SureDesign, Agilent's custom design tool and HaloPlex or SureSelect Target Enrichment panels. Download SureCall free-of-charge from our website.

  • SureSelect Focused Exome

    SureSelect Focused Exome

    The SureSelect Focused Exome is a highly targeted design that enables analysis of only the disease-associated targets providing deep coverage even on a benchtop sequencer. This design provides 20 or more reads for 95% of targets at 1.5Gb (100x) of sequencing and 98% of targets with 3Gb (200x) of sequencing enabling superior coverage of disease-associated regions even when sequenced on benchtop sequencers, facilitating highly sensitive and accurate...

  • SurePrint miRNA Microarrays rel. 21

    SurePrint miRNA Microarrays rel. 21

    miRNAs (microRNAs) are small single-stranded non-coding RNAs (19-30 nucleotides long) that play a widespread role in post-transcriptional gene silencing. Agilent miRNA microarrays provide unmatched performance in high throughput miRNA profiling. Recently tested in the miRQC study1, Agilent SurePrint miRNA Microarrays exhibited performance superior to qPCR, sequencing, and other microarray platforms for consistent miRNA detection by showing the highest...

  • GeneSpring GX

    GeneSpring GX

    Agilent's GeneSpring provides powerful, accessible statistical tools for intuitive data analysis and visualization. Designed specifically for the needs of biologists, GeneSpring offers an interactive environment that promotes investigation and enables understanding of Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics and NGS data within a biological context. GeneSpring allows you to quickly and reliably identify targets of interest that are both statistically...

  • Mass Profiler Professional Software

    Mass Profiler Professional Software

    Agilent Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) software is a powerful chemometrics platform designed to exploit the high information content of MS data and can be used in any MS-based differential analysis to determine relationships among two or more sample groups and variables. MPP provides advanced statistical analysis and visualization tools for GC/MS, LC/MS, CE/MS and ICP-MS data analysis. MPP also integrates smoothly with Agilent MassHunter...

  • OpenLAB - Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Software

    OpenLAB - Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Software

    Speed up your lab’s cycle time with OpenLAB ELN - the central hub for organizing & sharing information between lab members. Collate ideas, protocols, and results (data files) - all in one place with OpenLAB ELN’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop capabilities. Delegate & track the progress of experiments at-a-glance, share the latest results with your team in real time, and standardize routine workflows with OpenLAB ELN’s powerful...