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Your research and resources are precious assets. But what happens when you’re away from the lab? Pulse Critical Monitoring & Control gives you the flexibility of a fully configurable monitoring system that’s right for you and your peace of mind. Pulse provides : Secure, real-time data monitoring, collection, and alarm notification via email or phone. Anywhere access with a web enabled device. Wired sensors available with NIST Compliance. Reports generated on schedule and emailed to your notification list.


With Pulse, enjoy the benefits of multiple systems with the convenience of one solution that’s scalable - making it simple to add on new sensors and devices. Pulse presents users with robust reporting functionality and audit trail compliance. Multiple language packs allow individual users to interact with the Pulse system in their native language, such as: English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Pulse provides real-time data readings, alarming, and reporting through an intuitive user interface that puts you comfortably in the driver’s seat of your facility’s data. Monitor and control your automated watering system…and so much more. From room and freezer temperatures to differential pressure and humidity, customizable reports and alarm limits ensure your facility is always on track.

This intelligent system is your constant and consistent connection to everything you need to know about your facility – environmental conditions, watering system status, schedules and more – all easily accessible at the click of a button.

Pulse monitors many critical points including: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Air Flow, Differential Pressure, O2, CO2, and Equipment like Referigerators and Freezers. Pulse also allows you to control an automated watering system or the light state of a chosen location.

What Pulse Monitors

  • Refrigerators
  • Cryogenic Freezers (Temperature Only)
  • Incubators
  • Agitators
  • Ultra-Low Freezers
  • CO2
  • O2
  • Dry Contact
  • Power Outage
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Differential Pressure
  • Automated Watering (Animal)
  • Flood Detection (Waterbug)
  • And more...


Sensor Solutions

SM4 (Sensor Module 4) Wired Sensor

  • Temperature: 0°F to 120°F / Humidity: 20% to 85% RH
  • Light: Lighting is calibrated and recorded as On, Off, and On-High
  • 18 to 28 VDC
  • Part # 7900-9630-201; 7900-9630-202; 7900-9630-203
  • Sealed stainless steel enclosure

SM3 (Sensor Module 3) Wired Sensor

  • Temperature: 0°F to 120°F / Humidity: 20% to 85% RH
  • Light only
  • Part # 6070-7910-058
  • Various probe configurations avaialble
  • Sealed stainless steel enclosure

Managing Outcomes

Out of the box, Pulse is equipped with a robust audit trail capable of delivering unbiased transparency. Through secure remote access, Pulse allows you to manage your facility and its critical environments from anywhere at anytime.

Anywhere Access
Pulse has the ability to securely retrieve data from almost anywhere inside your facility or remotely via desktop, laptop, or even a mobile device. Basically, any device with Internet access.

Smarter Alarming

How do you want to receive alarms? Pulse gives you numerous options, such as e-mail, phone, or text message. Add visual and audible alarms to enable even quicker response to potentially threatening situations.

The Scalable Solution with Pulse

Pulse is a fully configurable system that makes it easy to manage buildings, floors, suites and rooms from a user-friendly interface. Scalability is the key feature of Pulse – designed for any size facility making it simple to add-on new sensors and devices as needed.

Intuitive Navigation

The navigation within Pulse was designed to deliver data within three clicks. Whether at the touchscreen, smart phone, or computer, Pulse lets you manage your data the way you want.

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