- Meteorological Data Software Management


PULSOWIN is an integrated management of meteorological data intended for data from automatic weather stations.

  • Pulsowin is a powerful platform of meteorological
  • data management which allows to execute
  • applications in different jobs.
  • New user environment compatible XP:
    • Adjustable tool bars
    • Display of data in default
    • State bar of communication
    • Measurements displayed in over fly
  • Advantages
    • Climatological computation, ETP, etc.
    • Easy using, intuitive operating and help on line;
    • Automatic control of data.
    • Quick and powerful database.


Data recuperation

  • Pulsowin can collect data from weather stations by :
  • PC card
  • Telephone
  • Direct link
  • Radio
  • Gsm

The new module of Gsm calling allows the calling with automatic change of hourly slot and the data control.

Data quality
Missing, out of range, in default or uncertain data are displayed in the display bar of data in default and located by explicit symbols. A double click on one measurement allows to access directly to the capture module. A data base of interventions allows the follow-up of measurements.

Monthly report
PULSOWIN propose the publishing of several models of summary monthly report of meteorological data.

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