- Real time dispersion modelling and odour impact analysis


Combining accurate meteorological data with the knowledge about the emitted odour from your site’s source(s), Ortelium calculates and visualizes the dispersion of your emissions on a digital map in order to monitor and forecast possible impacts of your operations. Ortelium warns you once a defined monitoring area (e.g. neighbourhood) is expected to be impacted by your emissions and complaint situations are likely to occur. With the system you learn to understand and verify complaints and their cause better, enabling you to inform your neighbourhood and/or surveillance authorities in time, if necessary. In case your emission process is stable and controllable, Ortelium provides recommendations on how to adapt your process parameters, to reduce or even prevent the alert situation under the current and forthcoming weather conditions, while keeping your operations running most efficiently.

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  • Real-time display of emissions
  • Displays effects of adjustments in the operations process
  • Immediate response to changes in current meteorological data and weather forecasts
  • Reliable data for complaint validation
  • Always up-to-date
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time

Vopak Terminal Europoort is one of the biggest petroleum storage and transshipment facilities in the heavily populated Port of Rotterdam area. Oil gets loaded from the tankers to the storage tanks or vice versa, which results in the emission of high concentrations of odour that disperse into the surrounding residential areas.

Better grip on this dispersion is needed to avoid complaints, as these may result in temporary working restrictions, fines or in the worst case permit withdrawal.

By inserting process parameters of the operations into Ortelium, the system provides data intelligence on how the odour disperses into the environment. In case concentrations in residential areas are too high, Ortelium provides recommendations on how to adapt pumping speeds to reduce or even prevent the alert situation. Not only for the current point of time but also for the hours to come.

As a result, pumping processes keep running efficiently while complaints are avoided.

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