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To keep our rental pool at the forefront of technology and to enable you to perform your surveys faster and with increased accuracy, Geomatrix has recently added the ability to track and log your position and instrument data in real time to our rental pool. The logger and special software can be added to any EM31, EM38, EM38B EM61Mk2 or EM61 Mk2 HH rental. The addition of this logger and software to our EM products virtually eliminates the need to accurately survey and peg a site prior to the data acquisition phase, resulting in a huge saving in your costs.

The image above shows the operator with EM31 and GPS system attached to an Allegro field PC. The Allegro is logging both the differential GPS information and both channels of the EM31 data, a typical tracking screen displayed on the Allegro screen is shown below.

Using the tracking display it is easy to position yourself at the start and end of each line and to walk parallel tracks. The scale of the screen can be easily adjusted to suit the survey grid you are working on. The EM data you are logging is displayed both numerically and in histogram form on this screen, alternatively, you can toggle to the profile view shown below.

Again the scale of the display in profile view can be adjusted to suit the EM data being logged.

Data download to a PC is easy using a Windows based utilities, XYZ offest's between the GPS receiver and the measuring device can be entered and an XYZ file output in a format that can be read by any commercially available mapping software. A typical XYZ display plot is shown on the screen capture from the Nav 31 software as shown above.

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