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Track events and documentation relating to compliance in e3 and share information to 3rd party systems with DEx integration. Addressing the need to adhere to both external and company-defined standards is essential, yet doing so is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of standards and changes to them continues to increase.

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Environmental compliance, emissions reports and even specialist compliance reporting for nuclear generation can all be managed in a single e3 solution. All forms and processes are configured to individual industry and site requirements through e3’s configuration engine. Data can be collected in a consistent format and reporting can be triggered based on dates or events.

Audit check sheets can be used stand-alone or as part of the integrated safety system to gather data on any event safety audits can monitor compliance with safety procedures and standards. While operator reporting screens can be used to monitor emissions or efficiencies with plant and equipment.

Powerful auditing capabilities also allow changes in regulations to be tracked and recorded, allowing reporting over changes to monitor effectiveness. Tolerance checks, mandatory data and expiry warnings can also be setup to handle many kinds of data input for with simple or complex sign-off and approval processes.

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