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RETSCode is user-friendly Microsoft Windows PC-based software that performs all of the calculations and reporting as required by a nuclear power plant's Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications (RETS) and Offsite Dose Calculation Manual (ODCM). RETSCode has been designed for easy customization to each plant's ODCM and operating procedures; it is not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all product.

Liquid and Gaseous Release Permits and Compliance Reports

  • Release permits customized to existing plant procedures
  • Radiation Monitor Setpoints and Release Rates
  • Monthly and Quarterly Radiochemical Analysis
  • Dose Assessments for Appendix I Compliance
  • Annual Effluent Report in Reg. Guide 1.21 format

Plant-Specific Configuration

  • Customized to plant specific ODCM requirements -dose methodology, release points and radiation monitors
  • Ability to integrate radiation monitor specific radionuclide sensitivity
  • Customized ALARA action levels and dose constraints

RETSCode additionally incorporates NRCDose (our interface to the NRC's 10CFR50, Appendix I evaluation codes, LAD TAP, GASPAR and XOQDOQ) to provide expanded capabilities for evaluating radioactive effluents These codes can be used for evaluating annual meteorological data, performing annual assessments of population doses, and evaluating dose consequences at other specified locations.

User access to the functionality of RETSCode is incrementally controlled by password and access level control. User password data is stored in encrypted database files. RETSCode also contains an audit function which tracks all changes made to certain sections of the program. This information can be viewed either on screen or via a printed report. The Configuration History report will show the section updated, the user and the date and time the change was made. A description of the update is also provided.

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