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- Version NESEI - Home-developed Software

NESEI is the name of our home-developed software package for hydraulic simulation of complexe water supply networks. This software package has been developped in  in close cooperation between our hydraulic engineers, computer programmer and technicians working in the field. Nesei simulates permanently filled networks with satisfying service pressure and moderate leakage rates and is especially appropriated to simulate networks showing high pressure dependent leakage rates and insufficient supply pressure as well as networks periodically filled  for refilling of house reservoirs and that in the periods between refilling procedure have to be emptied  in order to avoid considerable water losses.

Our hydraulic software SUPERNET uses an unique mathematic algorithm based on the topological concept of a 'hydraulic trunk main tree'.  Every experienced hydraulic engineer knows that the pipes of a supply system are of different importance for the network. The concept of the 'hydraulic trunk main tree' implies to use simple adding options along the tree for solution of the  equation system instead of the usually applied complexe matrix operations.  The coloured  graphic of the trunk main tree simplifies the design of pressure  and leakage control zones. We dispose of the source code and are therefore independent from external software companies.

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