Everise Technology Ltd.

Everise Technology Ltd.

Software of Haze Monitoring and Data Acquisition & Processing



The software, adopting the Internet of things technology, could acquire, store, classify and quadratic compute the data from 40+ monitoring equipment(nearly 100+ monitoring factors). The software system could fully display data trend and perceive haze by using rich visual images.

  1. Acquisition and storage of multiple parameters data from multiple equipment.
  2. Automatic analysis and calculation of the data, and generating daily, weekly, monthly and annually reports in line with national standards.
  3. Functions of editing and managing data, modifying the abnormal data, generating reports, displaying data trend, data distribution and change laws when combined with the line charts, pie charts and data table statistics.
  4. Real-time monitoring the instrument, and generating reports of zero calibration, span calibration and multiple-point calibration.
  5. By summary and classification of remote data from each monitoring equipment, the software could generate data report of pollution level and trend report of each monitoring factor.

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