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Graphics Package add-on for optimal presentations. The graphics package is meant as an add-on for users who have purchased a StartKit and want to present their work in the best possible fashion. The user already has the Grid Noise Map as this is included in the smallest subset of SoundPLAN.

To round out presentations, here is the recommendation for the Graphics Package:

  • Façade Noise Map calculates and displays noise maps along façades of buildings. Generate a single receiver per façade or assign a receiver at every meter along the side of the entire building. Receivers are generated for every floor of the building and can be selectively output in the top view of the graphics or all of them shown in the 3D Graphics. When Grid Noise Map and Façade Noise Map are present in a license, the Meshed Noise Map is activated. (See the description of the individual module for more information).
  • Cartography enhances the presentation with more freedom of line styles and fill patterns, multiple drawings on a single sheet, etc.
  • Grid Cross Section Map generates a vertical grid noise map. Enter a cross section line and the program with place the calculation grid vertically on top of it, up to the selected maximum height.
  • 3D Graphics and Animations present all data in 3D with hidden line/surface removal. The solid model can be built with a noise map as the background or the terrain altitude as the supply of shading. Scanned maps and all SoundPLAN generated objects can be placed on top of the 'ground' surface. The Animation allows the user to generate a film with the camera moving along a user defined path or road. Films can be saved as animations. Animated Noise Maps for train noise are a secondary feature of the Animations.

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