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Software that is structured like your consulting project. SoundPLAN is structured like any sensible consulting project. Organize the acoustical data of machines and vehicles, place the numbers into the library and then generate the basic model with its geometry. Match it with the acoustics (or air pollution) specific definitions. Merge different content from imported geometry and bitmaps with machine/traffic data from the library and complement it with materials properties like absorption and transmission from our vast library. Save the model and do the simulations in the Calculations Core. Continue to work on the acoustics, creating variants of the model to study/verify your suggestions. Finally, document your findings in the Graphics and Documentation.

The SoundPLAN Manager suggests a course of action and supplies the modules where the actions should be performed. Every sub-program and module is optimally suited for the particular step that needs to be taken.

The SoundPLAN Manager has many important functions. It manages the sub-programs and all the projects, starts new projects, changes projects and packs/unpacks your data. Selection and customization of standards and all global settings are administered here. The SoundPLAN Manager also manages the software itself, assisting with tasks such as the download of fixes and updates via the web.

The Geo-Database/ Manager/ Library/ Results Files/ Spreadsheet/ Basic Graphics for simplicity have all been bundled into the basic required module under the label Geo-Database.

In the picture below, a project with 2 situations is depicted. The top situation reflects the current state with an analysis.The roads are listed with the traffic numbers for the year 2006. On the bottom, the prognosis is shown with the road traffic volume for the year 2010.

Situations and Geo-Files are the storage concepts used for modeling data. Objects made up of coordinates and descriptive attributes form the nucleus of data, objects can have different types such as roads or building, depending on their intended function, they are saved to Geo-Files. One or multiple Geo-Files along with the triangulated elevation mesh file and bitmaps form a Situation. A project can contain an unlimited number of Situations each describing a region or a planning scenario.

The scenarios are generated by copying the basic road file and modifying the traffic information in it. All other data remain the same. With this organization, no redundant data are generated where multiple sets of data need to be updated if a mistake of the base data is detected.

Each of the scenarios include a Digital Ground Model (DGM), a triangulated wire mesh upon which buildings, roads and sources can be placed. SoundPLAN generates the DGM from raster, point and line elevation data the user digitizes or imports. The DGM is also used for the calculations and for display purposes in the 3D solid presentation. Professional work requires clear organization that is transparent, flexible, expandable and fault tolerant. The SoundPLAN Geo-Database fulfills this demand!

SoundPLAN has a clear program structure that strategically separates entering and editing data from calculating and generating printed tables and graphical documentation. This was done so the user can concentrate on the tasks of building the noise and air pollution models without having editing fields cluttered with controls not pertinant to the task at hand. The SoundPLAN Editor has controls for:

  • File management
  • Zoom, rotate, pan, user definable viewports
  • View functions - plane, projections, wire frame models
  • Object type selection (roads, buildings, elevation lines)
  • Object customization (the appearance of the objects)
  • Advanced geo-editing functions (create parallels...)
  • Bitmap selection, calibration and digitizing tools
  • Digital Ground Model support
  • Local coordinate systems and relative elevations
  • Editing functions for coordinate based manipulations
  • Support for the entry and editing of object describing attributes

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The library is organized in project, global and system libraries so you can host your data where they need to be, either associated with your project, or available for everyone to use in the global library.

Libraries are organized according to topics. You can find them for the emission of industrial and traffic sources, as a description of directivities, 2D or 3D, as time history for industrial sources and road sources. Noise transmission and absorption libraries, and a library for the noise attenuation (silencers and other noise control measures for the Expert System) are also available. Meteorological factors, wind statistics and the noise assessment help with evaluating noise.

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