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Storm Cloud is the first affordable SWPPP management software product built for SWPPP / NPDES inspection companies, home builders, and erosion control contractors. This launch represents a new benchmark in the industry. Now, companies of all sizes can deploy robust, industry-proven software to easily manage environmental compliance data. StormCloud allows companies to perform inspections, track and manage open items, create eSWPPPs, manage their business, and much more. https://www.hbnext.com/software-services/storm-cloud/

Without the right tools, managing and operating a NPDES / SWPPP Inspection company can be difficult. With increasing regulatory requirements and competitive market pricing, companies turn to SWPPP software to give them an edge. Not only does it help support your company, but also, it gives your clients the modern tools they have come to expect in today’s digital world.

With advances in technology, SWPPP software has become more than just a way to electronically store documents and reports. Now, being an eco-friendly environmental company is simply a nice byproduct of SWPPP software rather than a primary focus. Instead, SWPPP software concentrates on providing employees, business owners, and clients the tools to manage business operations easily and effectively. StormCloud gives companies the infrastructure to sustain and manage your company as it grows.

  • Never miss an open item. Protect your clients from regulatory fines with StormCloud’s immaculate open & closed item management.
  • Never miss another inspection. The Inspection Management feature shows inspectors where to be, and it alerts management if an inspection is missed.
  • Make sure all projects you are inspecting are being billed. When reports stop in the field, billing checks and balances make sure the office is on the same page.
  • Save time by automatically transmitting reports to your clients. After an inspector creates a report, StormCloud does the rest.
  • Keep track of all project documents in one central location. Plans, permits, plats, and more.
  • Give your customers online access to reports and open item management. Instant access to critical data, 24/7/365.

Set yourself apart from the competition by giving your clients MORE. Save time and money with StormCloud.

Unless you have the right erosion control software, keeping track of inventory and field installations can be tedious and stressful. With StormCloud, you now have an inexpensive way to manage BMP inventory and installations in real-time. As an erosion control contractor, it’s essential to manage inventory and capture your crews’ work that has been completed in the field.  StormCloud gives contractors the tools to identify inventory losses and manage erosion control operations.

  • Manage inventory and track items from warehouse to field installation.
  • Completed field installation order can be automatically routed to your billing department.
  • If you also conduct Stormwater inspections, this information can be entered and converted into work orders seamlessly, which is an easy way to impress your clients.
  • Work order routing and sign offs allows project managers to accept completed work quickly and easily.
  • Customized pricing for each client gives you the flexibility to manage and track each client individually.

Regulatory fines and penalties can be scary when margins are tight.  One bad move by a single office can bring a company crashing down.  With StormCloud, make sure your documentation is complete and all open items are addressed.  Never miss an open item.  Never get blindsided by a huge environmental fine or consent decree.

  • CONTROL YOUR DATA. Make sure all your 3rdparty inspection companies enter their data through your portal, so you have control.
  • Receive inspection data instantly via email when an inspection is completed. Gain additional time to schedule remediation, cut down on double trips and charges from your BMP contractor.
  • Unify inspection data and information across multiple vendors. Get the information how you want it and when you want it.
  • Instant access to your data from any device with an internet connection
  • Daily alerts make sure items are completed and documented.
  • No more legal discovery dollars and no more lost money to regulatory fines and penalties. Pull specific project information quickly and easily with built-in discovery tools.

StormCloud is powered by our industry proven software engine, Sequence.