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Sustainability Performance Management


According to the Global Reporting Initiative “more than 75% of the top 100 companies in the United States report on their corporate responsibility performance”. As a centralized platform, ProcessMAP offers the solution to the common problem of inefficient and error-prone tracking of all Sustainability efforts. Organizations can now establish a 360-degree performance management system to streamline every aspect of collecting, verifying, tracking, normalizing, and analyzing company-wide sustainability, safety, and social responsibility-related metrics.


Sharpen Resource Allocation!

Eliminate hours spent on Excel spreadsheet reports based on observational data by quickly rolling up company-wide reports at the click of a button! ProcessMAP's Sustainability software serves as the centralized system for data entry: no more inaccuracies based on several different Excel files. See all of your data real-time as facilities report them!


Standardize Your Reporting Today!

ProcessMAP's Sustainability software is one of the few platforms in the market that is certified to the Global Reporting Initiative latest guidelines. These guidelines are the ones that are commonly adopted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Whether you are reporting at the most basic Level C, the in-depth Level B, or the full Level A, ProcessMAP is there to support you with the KPI Library for your platform.


Think Global!

Deploy an enterprise-wide software on a global scale, which allows for multiple processes to be converted into one standard with Units of Measure (UOM) Conversions available for a wide variety of metrics. ProcessMAP's Sustainability software makes it easy for all facilities to adopt this platform as the enterprise reporting standard.


RI Certification

ProcessMAP's Sustainability software is one of the few platforms in the market that is certified to the Global Reporting Initiative latest guidelines. Ask us how organizations worldwide are adopting GRI as their Sustainability Reporting guideline!


Support for Global Sites

The multilingual and multiple UOM conversions allows multinational companies to deploy the solution to all facilities. Each individual facility can report in the UOM that they use as their standard and the system calculates the conversion for the corporate headquarter's UOM, making the system adapt to their practice instead of the other way around.


Program Management

Manage your initiatives with our sustainability software by allowing setup of multiple programs for multiple years, establishing goals & emission reduction targets management, and developing the customization of reporting frequencies and e-mail notifications to facility and corporate staff.


Indicator Library

Establish a predefined library of indicators based on GRI G3.1 guidelines, or develop your own custom guidelines and normalization factors. You even have the option to use a formula builder for custom activities!


On Demand Integration

Ask us about our experience to setup integrations with in-house or external energy management systems, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), vendor systems for waste related information, single sign on (SSO) integration with corporate networks, among others!


Fast Corporate Reporting

Eliminate the lag time to collect the data by accessing sophisticated dashboards, reports and analytics that provide real time visibility to stakeholders at any level throughout the organization.


Organization and Location Setup

Take advantage of our multiple organization setup capability (e.g. Company, Warehouses, Sales Offices, Business Units, etc.), which allows for easy reorganization due to acquisitions, mergers and divestitures. Ask us about our experience in this aspect with some of our clients.


Report Generation

Be able to generate scheduled and ad-hoc reports with raw and normalized consumption emissions data reports and charts, baseline year comparison, and have the capability to roll up reports on any organizational level!


Data Accuracy

By allowing automated unit conversions and derivative data calculations (e.g., CO2 equivalent data based upon energy data, etc.), the platform enhances accuracy and corporate confidence for third party auditing.


Transparency and Visibility

ProcessMAP's Sustainability platform allows transparency in data and instantaneous visibility of the performance against the goals and targets established by the company. See the data in real-time as it is reported by the facilities.

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