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- 2D/3D Freeze/Thaw, Fate & Transport, Pore-Air Flow Software



SVENVIRO offers geo-environmental analysis applications. The set is well-suited for solving complex flow and contaminant transport models, coupled flow and freeze/thaw analysis, and coupled flow, thermal, and pore-air flow models. The freeze/thaw analysis includes a comprehensive climatic interface. The set uses the power of the FlexPDE finite element solution engine. FlexPDE provides the benefits of a general finite element solver, fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement in 1D, 2D, and 3D models.

Analyze complex groundwater and heat-flow
Analysis of complex groundwater, heat-flow, and pore-air flow modeling.

Fully automatic mesh generation and refinement
Fully-automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement.

Fully integrate 1D/ 2D/ 3D contaminant transport software
Fully-integrated 1D/2D/3D contaminant transport software allows modeling of diffusion, advection, absorption, and biological and radioactive decay. Full coupling with saturated and unsaturated flow is possible.

Model phase changes
Modeling of phase change between unfrozen and frozen states.

Quickly create effective models
Simplified re-organized menus and a clearer more powerful user interface allows rapid creation of effective models.

Simulate heat conduction and convection
Simulate heat conduction and convection in saturated and unsaturated soils, commonly referred to as THA coupling.

Solve groundwater seepage, thermal or pore-air flow processes
The processes of groundwater flow, frozen or unfrozen heat flow, and pore-air flow can be solved independently or as coupled processes in any form. This is typically referred to as THA coupling. Thermal modeling simulates the phase change between frozen and unfrozen states and can model conductive or coupled convective processes.

Solve in Various Dimensions
1D/2D/3D Plan and axisymmetric analysis; scale up to 3D analysis.

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