SVHC Factory Solution



EcoMundo expertise: The evaluation, the detection and the communication of information between your supplier or the laboratories and you is greatly facilitated as EcoMundo guarantees a deep cooperation with the suppliers. To avoid and directly substitute SVHC, EcoMundo offers you to keep a chemical watch and foresee which substances will be added to the SVHC list.

We also have built a tracking expertise on materials that may contain SVHC and we can assist you in testing some of the provided materials.

  • Manage commitment of your suppliers regarding the notification of SVHC in their materials and articles
  • Follow-up data collection process in real-time through a dashboard
  • Automatically manage alerts
  • Capitalize on collected information

  • Exhaustive list of SVHC identified by ECHA (real-time update)
  • Sharing of information with unlimited number of suppliers
  • Integration of your blacklists and other lists of substances (RoHS, ASD)
  • Summary document for archiving

  • Multilingual
  • Accessible via Internet
  • Easy and fast integration into your information system
  • Strict confidentiality of data

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