- Shortest Path Analysis


Import OpenStreetMap Data by specifying tags for the ways (links) to be imported. The purpose of TdhGISnet is find and display the shortest path for a network of roads, communications links, etc. This may include:The shortest path between any 2 points in the network The shortest path between a starting point and any one of a set of potential end points (nearest location). The shortest path between a starting point and an entire set of intermediate points (travelling salesman). The shortest path for an entire set of points in a specified order Add a node anywhere, permanently or temporarily, by clicking or specifying coordinates. Assign links to layers that may be included or discluded from path analysis. Data is stored in an open database allowing manipulation by other software.

Path values may be any user defined values such distances, travel times or costs. Link status (open/closed/one-way) and values (e.g. travel time) may be edited manually by right clicking on map.


TdhGISnet_win  TdhGISnet for MS Windows
TdhGISnet_linux  TdhGISnet for Linux 
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