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REACH makes registration of substances mandatory for manufacturers and importers, with a no market policy for those who do not comply. In that context, all use case of a substance (all activity linked to that substance resulting in an exposition) must be identified and covered in the registration dossier.

As a downstream user, you have to work with REACH compliant suppliers.

Downstream User obligations

  • Make sure your suppliers registered your substances under REACH
  • Collect your client's use cases and your own use cases
  • Communicate your use cases to your suppliers so that they are covered in the REACH registration dossier
  • Make up your own Chemical Safety Report if your use cases are not covered in the registration dossier

Main problems encountered

  • Complexity of the supply chain and its communication flux: it is often complicated to find the right information within a complex supply chain
  • Numerous intermediates and suppliers uninformed on REACH: it is necessary to increase these actors' awareness to include them in your REACH compliance process
  • Draft of the Chemical Safety Report: it is recognized as a complex task that requires a toxicological and ecotoxicological expertise

Ecomundo supply chain expertise ensures you will get all the necessary data for the registration dossier through a good communication and relationship with your suppliers. This is a guarantee of a constant cooperation within the supply chain.

  • Register your use cases according to use descriptors
  • Communicate your use cases to your suppliers
  • Generate automated requests for your customers
  • Collect your customers’ use cases

  • Quick and easy communication between customers and suppliers
  • Compliance check of use cases’ description format

  • Multilingual
  • Accessible via Internet
  • Easy and fast integration into your information system
  • Strict confidentiality of data

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