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Version AAIM - Laboratory Information Management Systems Software (LIMS)


A significant portion of the ROI for a LIMS system is realized through instrument automation. The efficiency of a well automated instrument management system impacts areas such as enhanced workflow, increased reliability, improved accuracy of results, and increased instrument throughput.

Baytek International’s AAIM program was developed to provide easy-to-implement, highly manageable automation solutions for data acquisition from any laboratory instrument. AAIM allows technicians to efficiently perform many instrument management activities, like developing sequence files for several popular chromatography packages, including ChemStation™, ChromPerfect™, EZChrom™ and Millenium32™. It provides gas chromatography and autosampler control, as well as automation for many non-chromatography instruments such as the Mettler™ itrator, Precision™ ADA, and Canon™ auto viscometer.

AAIM, along with Baytek International’s instrumentation services, provides a complete solution for connecting any instrument to BLISS, Baytek International’s LIMS solution .

  • Works in conjunction with the BDCA (Baytek Data Collection Appliance), which can manage up to 16 instruments per unit
  • Simplifies workflow to improve productivity
  • Decreases human error through automation
  • Centralizes assignment of samples to any RS-232 lab instrument from any BLISS workstation
  • Improves instrument throughput
  • Provides user-friendly navigation with a simple Windows™ GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Interfaces with ChemStation™ and other chromatography packages

  • Builds chromatography sequences from technician worklists
  • Downloads and assigns samples to instruments
  • Starts chromatography instruments after successful download
  • Reviews results before posting to LIMS
  • Parses data from workstation-controlled instruments


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