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Version BayID - Sample Tracking Software


Baytek International has a history of using modern technology to solve the age old challenges our customers face. One common challenge for customers is identifying the time a sample was actually taken. BayID is Baytek International’s solution for capturing an accurate and reliable sample collection time, as well as validating the proper collection location.

The BayID sample tracking solution takes advantage of cutting-edge RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to accurately report collection time and location. The BayID tag, which can take the form of either a printed paper label or a reusable plastic hangtag, houses a standard RFID device. The BayID tag is affixed to a sample, enabling the technician to accurately identify sample collection time and location as well as its arrival time in the lab. One of the devices the tags work with is the Smart Sample Point, an active RFID collection point device developed by Baytek International. Baytek International has effectively integrated RFID technology to work seamlessly with BLISS, Baytek International’s LIMS solution.

  • Leverages cutting-edge, proven RFID technology for greater precision in the lab
  • Automates data collection process
  • Permits easy access to data
  • Improves the value of test results by verifying sample time and location
  • Facilitates communication between the laboratory and online analyzers
  • Offers increased safety to laboratory personnel
  • Integrates seamlessly with Baytek BLISS LIMS

  1. The sample container is first tagged with either a printed BayID RFID-enabled disposable label or plastic reusable hangtag.
  2. The sample is then drawn at the collection point and scanned into the Baytek International Smart Sample Point device or other RFID reader.
  3. Upon arrival at the laboratory, the sample is scanned with an RFID-enabled device such as a handheld reader, door reader, or PDA.
  4. The sample is logged into BLISS along with the collection time, arrival time, and scheduled times (if applicable)

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