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Version EEA - Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Database


The EEA ETS Database includes all the information on the installations included in the carbon trading schemes of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein: Installation name, account holder. contact details (address, email, phone number). sector of activity. account holder. account status. number of allocated allowances for the period 2008-2020. verified emissions and compliance status for the period 2005-2020.

  • CERs and ERUs surrendered for compliance from 2008 to 2012
  • Surrendered units information: type of unit (EUA, CER, ERU), originating registry, unit serial block ID, project identifier (for CERs and ERUs) with link to the CDM-JI Project Database
  • powerful analytic tools that provide you with strategic information such as the real emissions-to-cap figures calculated by installation, sector, location or country

The EEA ETS Database also provides the following information:

  • pre-allocated allowances per country
  • allowance reserves per country

Allowance reserves include EUAs available for auctioning by Member States, as well as new entrant reserves and other special reserves (e.g. CHP reserves).


The EEA Mapping Tool enables you:

  • to navigate geographically through EEA countries, regions and administrative areas
  • to identify the power plants and factories located in specific areas
  • to view the distribution of carbon emissions and allowances in Norway and Liechtenstein

The carbon trading schemes of these three EEA countries are linked to the EU emissions trading scheme, which means that the installations from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein can buy EU allowances and use them for compliance or sell their own allowances to installations included in the EU ETS.

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