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Version GPRSoft™ - GPR Data Post-processing Software


GPRSoft™ is the affordable and user friendly solution for displaying, post-processing and interpreting ground penetrating radar data. With an intuitive interface and the shortest possible learning curve it allows you to focus on your work rather than on the tool you are using! GPRSoft™ has full support for data files from all the major GPR manufacturers and we are constantly revising the implemented formats to comply with newer modifications or add-ons.

GPRSoft™ has been divided into logical complexity levels to deliver the required processing power depending on the user application demands. There are users that don't need an entire set of functions in their every day work. For them we have prepared a well balanced entry level version of the software. We gave our best at keeping the most useful functions and dismissing the clutter of those that are rarely used in simple post processing. The result of our efforts is the Standard version of the GPRSoft™.

As opposed to simple processing needs, there are users that just need the most processing functions and power possible. We are constantly improving and adding processing algorithms and functionality that reduce the use of most complex formulas to a press of a button or a simple input dialog box. This kind of approach will hopefully reach out to the users without prior geophysical knowledge and reduce the time spent on processing for the geophysical experts.

As a final addition to your interpretation methods there is the 3D module, which will allow you to easily view a set of 2D profiles as a 3D grid representation. To build a 3D-project file you will need a GPRSoft™ Professional version.

  • GSF Geoscanners Survey Files
  • GOF Geoscanners Object Files
  • DT IDS Files
  • DZT GSSI Files
  • DAT Data Files
  • RD3 Malå Files
  • SEG-Y Segy Files
  • DT1 SensorsSoftware DT1

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 32-bit or native 64-bit Microsoft Windows
  • Intel processor 1 GHz CPU clock
    Recommended 2.4 GHz or higher
  • 1024 MB of RAM
    Recommended 2048 MB or higher
  • 50 MB free disk space
  • 256-color video display adapter
  • Screen area: 800x600
    Recommended 1024x768 or higher

As a final addition to your interpretation methods there is the 3D module which will allow you to easily view a set of 2D profiles as a 3D grid representation. To build a 3Dproject file you will need a GPRSoftPro version.     

In addition to being able to export directly from the program we have implemented the tools to comment and annotate your data directly in the GPRSoft environment.

By selecting Object tools or Layers you will be able to put the comments at precisely the spot you wish and can also save your work for future modification or continuation of annotation. The way these publishing tools work is straight forward and gives the user a truly WYSIWYG interface for publishing the work. This means that each comment, line, scale and label will be exported exactly as you see it on screen allowing you to evaluate the final report before you make it.

In GPRSoft there is a number of ways to show your data. No matter which view you choose you gain full control over the available scales and color palettes used for representation of your data. Each opened file is treated as a separate entity so you can apply different settings for each window frame in the way that best suites the data.

In addition to, more or less, standard views like wiggle trace, B scan (profile) and A+B scan (profile and trace) we are proud to present a Multiview experience.

This view allows you to view up to four files simultaneously. They will be shown in one window frame and the scrolling will be synced. This allows you to interpret and export reports based on a direct comparison of files with the same baseline or raw and processed data.

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