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WASP sheets are created by the application by simply typing-in essential raw data drawn from an SDS. In some circumstances this can even be a product label, if sufficient and accurate information is given. This data is then subjected to a complex set of internal rules to provide a graphical hazard rating for the following: eye contact, inhalation, ingestion, absorption (through skin), by skin burns and through allergic reaction. The user retains full editing control over rating values, which are shown together with a graphical indication of precautions to be taken and basic first aid. Further ratings are also given for the risk of fire, or explosion, and the degree of risk to the environment.

Other graphical symbols are also automatically applied in these cases for example: Not into Drains. Each sheet also has an optional provision for text reminders of control measures and symbol indicators of what PPE should be adopted when the material is used in a given named process.

The complete WASPS/COSHH package is available from this site and the download contains full integrated documentation. Note that the download size for the standard product is around 42 MB so a broadband connection is required for download as well as to run the software.

Alternatively you may contact us here or via telephone or e-mail to order your free CD. This carries the same setup as the download but the installation files are not compressed.

The COSHH risk assessments procedure within the WASPS package is similar to the HSE’s COSHH Essentials process. The results refer the user to the same guidance notes used by COSHH Essentials. In order to undertake an assessment, the user must give specific detail about each material used in the process together with amounts and exposure times etc. Some of this data can be imported from completed WASP sheets and so only needs to be entered once. The COSHH record sheet is generated on the fly by the application in HTML format, and this provides click-able linkage to the relevant guidance sheets direct from the HSE’s website.

Note  that you cannot use this method with gases, aerosols, gels, pastes or slurries, with hazards arising from work processes such as welding fumes or with hazards such as dusts or biological agents.

Once installed the software presents a registration screen which enables you to enter your license details. These are available from us after you have paid for your subscription. However, the program can be used immediately without registration in 'Demonstration Mode'. In this mode you will only be able to create up to six WASP Sheets and the ESL library files cannot be accessed. There is no restriction for the COSHH Assessments feature as this depends on using data from WASP Sheets.

Licenses are available to cater for any number of users from a single user to over 100. Licenses may be upgraded at any time. Standard Licenses are available in user multiples of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 users.

A single user license is tied to a particular PC or machine and so it cannot be run on other multiple PC's without contacting us first. Multi-user licenses may be installed on any computer on your site providing, the number of concurrent users does not exceed your license.

Once a WASP sheet has been composed, the software can automatically transpose it in 7 languages. Currently these are: Afrikaans, English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

Any WASP sheet may be viewed and printed in any currently available language at any time. In addition the Standard subscription has a pre-written WASPS Library of over 2,300 WASP Sheets. These are split into a number of categories, single chemicals and substances, and proprietary or generic products including many industrial products.

WASPS Software automatically creates a 'WASP' Hazard Sheet on a single page. This is a highly visual presentations of the degree of harm which hazardous chemicals can cause, the risk of fire or explosion, and the degree of risk to the environment. These are accompanied by visual indications of precautions to be taken and of basic first aid.

This simple but effective visual message makes them ideal for conveying important information to those who handle hazardous chemical but who are not able to interpret a complex SDS.

The software also enables you to undertake a COSHH Risk Assessment using the 'COSHH Essentials' method developed by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  

A library of pre-prepared sheets can be supplied with the package or the user can very easily generate them himself, and he can make use of extensive editing and style setting options to achieve the result he wants.

The program also offers the facility to use the WASP Sheets to carry out straightforward COSHH assessments based on the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) COSHH Essentials techniques. Advice on the interpretation of the results is available as is reference to HSE guidance sheets. COSHH Reports produced by the software contain hypertext links directly to these sheets.

Offering WASPS as a subscription service ensures that you are always supported and are kept up to date.

The interpretation of regular changes in legislation is under constant review and new rule-sets are compiled and embedded into the package to reflect these changes whenever required.

It is important that you always have the latest information otherwise both your WASP sheets and COSHH assessments may under or over estimate risks. In the first case workers may not be adequately protected from the risks, in the second, money may be wasted on unnecessary controls.

The package offers a very useful tool for managers, health and safety practitioners and all others concerned and responsible for, ensuring that those handling hazardous chemicals in the workplace are informed of, and also understand the hazards involved.

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