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Defining the Who and When of an Animal Room Entrance. Who do you want in contact with your laboratory animals? What times of day is it appropriate for staff to enter these and other critical environments? How do you identify the person trying to gain access? Watchdog Access Control helps you manage animal room traffic by controlling who enters and when. By securing doors with magnetic or electric strike locks and providing staff with their own personal identification number (PIN), you can protect sensitive research studies from accidents, contamination, and tampering.

Watchdog Access Control assigns each technician, investigator, and supervisor a unique four-digit PIN number. To open the door, staff enter their PIN on the keypad located outside each room. If the individual has permission, the door will unlock. All access attempts create a time- and date-stamped log entry, complete with the location and person's name.

It’s easy to issue and modify room access rights for any of your personnel. If you prefer free access to rooms during working hours, you can deactivate the system during that time. The administrator can enable system-wide access control during set schedules or just enable access for certain rooms on selected days.

The Watchdog Access Control system is equipped with robust alarming features. Ready to alert you of any abnormal condition, the system places a phone call, email or text page with detailed information to appropriate personnel. Plus, it permanently documents every alarm condition with the location and time.

  • Increases facility security by regulating access to critical environments.
  • Holds staff accountable as all access attempts are time- and date-stamped, complete with the location and person’s name.
  • Sends alarms via phone, email, or text page – alarms can be acknowledged from any touchtone phone or computer in your facility.
  • Gives you the ability to create user accounts with an expiration date – a useful feature for contractors or temporary staff that need access to the vivarium during a specific time period.
  • Door locks can be monitored and alarms configured to notify personnel if the door is opened when it should be closed.

The access control feature of the Watchdog system is designed to monitor and control personnel traffic in the animal rooms. For critical research studies that must be protected from accidents, contamination, and tampering, Watchdog gives you total control by securing doors and by providing staff with their own personal identification number (PIN) for access.

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