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Secure. Protect. Automate. Report. The Edstrom Watchdog System does it all. Monitor access, temperature, humidity, lighting, and watering system functions for every room in your facility easily and accurately with this turnkey system.


The Watchdog system fully automates data monitoring and collection, resulting in tremendous time and cost savings for you. Watchdog is a complete room-based system designed specifically to serve the unique needs of the vivarium. It ties the following features together seamlessly:

  • Access control: you decide who enters rooms and when
  • Environmental monitoring: sensors in each animal room automatically record temperature humidity, airflow, and differential pressure.
  • Lighting control and monitoring: ensures lights turn on and off according to your schedule.
  • Automated watering system control and monitoring: provides daily room or rack manifold flushing while monitoring water pressure and flow levels.

Watchdog is a powerful animal facility management tool that incorporates the important functions of automated recording and environmental data archiving to support research studies. For example, Watchdog will log 24 (or more) readings per day for temperature in the same room. Not just one room, but all rooms. Watchdog sends detailed alarms to specific personnel when readings are outside the set parameters, and historical information is readily available through user-friendly reporting.

Watchdog guards animals and research 24 hours a day, providing peace of mind for administrators, researchers, and animal care technicians. It protects animal health, improves productivity, increases security, and assists with FDA, GLP and AAALAC compliance.

  • Task automation dramatically reduces manual labor and lowers operating costs, allowing facility staff to focus on animal care.
  • Protects your animals from sudden and unhealthy changes in their environments.
  • Sends detailed alarm messages at the first sign of problems, alerting staff by pager, voicemail, and email.
  • Using powerful, integrated template-based reporting mechanisms, Watchdog turns your data into information. No other system can generate reports organized by room with lighting, access, watering, temperature, humidity, and airflow data – combined and graphed.
  • Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 electronic record storage requirements, this turnkey system eliminates the burden of validating multiple, stand-alone systems.

The Local Processor

The Local Processors (LP) are the units that tie all of the Watchdog functions together at each animal room. Each Local Processor features a backlit, 2-line LCD display with large characters. The integrated keypad has a simple layout and efficient operation.

The Local Processors allow many monitoring features, such as basic environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, airflow and differential pressure, to be viewed in a uniform way directly at each animal room.

Heavy-Duty Multifunction Sensor Modules

A highlight of Edstrom Watchdog System monitoring is our unique sensor module - designed specifically for use in animal rooms. The Sensor Module combines temperature, humidity, and light sensing in a single package.

Thousands of Edstrom sensor modules have been deployed in animal rooms worldwide. Several different models are available, but all feature the same rugged 316 stainless steel construction and instrumentation grade sensors. Additional sensor packages are used for duct mount applications, differential pressure, airflow, refrigerators, freezers and a host of other special applications.

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