WaterSmart Environmental, Inc.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc.

WaterSmart Software


We use utility meter data to better communicate with residential customers and help them save water, energy, and money. Water suppliers also receive analytics that reveal insights into customer consumption and program participation trends.

A revolutionary approach to personalization and customer engagement in the water utility industry


With WaterSmart, we guarantee you will see a jump in online engagement. Boost customer satisfaction by offering insight and control over water use. Rapidly reach every customer with customized messages and water, energy, and money saving recommendations tailored to their unique profile.

Reduce operating costs and capital expenses with our secure, cloud-based solution


Reducing expenses is just as good as making money. Our hassle-free, cloud-based solutions provide great financial returns in the short run and long-term. Avoided costs for water purchases, pumping energy, and treatment chemicals, as well as reduced capital expenses are just the beginning.

Maximize water efficiency with WaterSmart’s consumption trending and water-use disaggregation


We help optimize the use of earth’s most precious resource. By educating residential customers on their uses of water and ways to conserve, we improve water-use efficiency by an average of 5%.

Start improving customer engagement and water-use efficiency while lowering operational and capital expenses.

Home Water Reports

Residential customers receive personalized Home Water Reports that motivate and enable water-use efficiency

  • A personalized home WaterScore every billing period
  • Social norm-based, apples-to-apples comparison of water use with similar households
  • Data insights to improve understanding of water use
  • Customized, water-saving recommendations
  • Targeted communications regarding investments, incentives, or other important utility messages

Customer Portal

Utility customers access the Portal for more detailed analysis of their water use and water-saving recommendations

  • See exactly where water use occurs in the home
  • Interactive water-saving recommendation library, customized for each household profile
  • Personalized action plan of pledged savings
  • Dynamic estimates of savings potential in gallons per day (GPD) and dollars per year
  • Long-term trend tracking
  • Highlighted local programs, events, and reminders

Utility Analytics Dashboard

Utility staff access visually insightful analytics, reporting, and customer relationship tools through an easy-to-use interface

  • Program performance reporting
  • Customer segmentation and geospatial analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities
  • Rebate program participation metrics
  • Leak and high use alerts
  • Manual read, AMR & AMI compatible
  • Reduced staff time

WaterSmart Software offers a comprehensive set of customer engagement and analytics solutions to give you better visibility into customer needs and behavior. Our elegant, easy-to-use solutions offer an amazing user experience without the need for new hardware, complex integration, or extensive staff involvement.

Each user receives an interactive water-saving recommendation library, customized to each household

Targeted Communication

Your residential customers receive Home Water Reports that are personalized for each billing period. Each Report contains social norm-based, apples-to-apples comparison of water use with similar households. In addition to usage data, each customer receives targeted communications or important utility messages designed directly from your WaterSmart software.

Ensure Program Success

Utility staff are able to access visually insightful tools that engage customers through an easy-to-use interface. Help customers better understand their water usage trends, billing details, and opportunities for savings. With WaterSmart, you can easily view program performance reports to help you quantify the benefits of your engagement and efficiency programs.

Improve water-use efficiency and lower operating costs through avoided purchases for marginal water supply, energy, and treatment chemicals. Decrease capital expenses through downsized infrastructure projects.

WaterSmart solutions are proven to improve water-use efficiency by up to 5% in less than a year. How do we do it?  Behavioral science and data analytics. Simple, but not easy.

How do you compare?

We All Want To Fit In

Leveraging normative comparisons to show water customers how they fare against their peers drives persistent behavior change. This is the secret sauce that delivers on our promise of improved efficiency and helps rapidly address water scarcity. But getting the science right requires data. A lot of it.

Savings That Engage

Residential users are able to see exactly where water use occurs in their home. Our Customer Portal features an interactive water saving recommendation library, customized for each individual household profile. Water utilities can now turn their rate payers into partners.

Effective engagement means meeting water customers where they are, on any device, at any time. WaterSmart’s inclusive platform provides your customers a consistent experience on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop, with a focus on your utility’s brand.

Key Features

  • Detailed water-saving recommendations
  • Seasonal and water-use disaggregation charts
  • Comparative WaterScore
  • Household survey
  • Shareable water-saving pledges for Twitter and Facebook

AMI-enbabled utilities also benefit from:

  • Real-time consumption charts
  • Leak alerts via text message

Device Agnostic

It doesn’t matter if you’re on iPhone, Android, Windows, or any other system. Our Customer Portal is responsive and designed to provide current account information and interactive alerting capabilities regardless of your device or platform.

Utility Branded

All WaterSmart solutions are white-labeled. This allows satisfaction and engagement benefits to accrue directly to our utility partners. Our device-agnostic approach keeps branding and user experience consistent across every customer-facing interface.

No Download Required

Many modern mobile applications require a download from an app store, which may give vendors access to personal information. Our mobile solutions are browser-based and provide instant access without any confusing or time-consuming downloads.

Continuously Updated

WaterSmart’s mobile web application is dynamically updated every time we add new features to our cloud solution. This means residents never need to make a manual update to receive the newest capabilities.

Opt-Out Program Design

WaterSmart’s independently-verified, award-winning behavioral efficiency solutions are predicated on programs run as randomized control trials (RCT). Our device-agnostic solutions allow us to maintain random customer segments, and thus deliver rigorously quantified engagement and savings results. This scientific approach is an important part of what makes our programs so successful.

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