Weather Modelling



The team's meteorologists work on missions for a broad customer base that includes industrials, research bodies and specialist design offices. These services are mainly based on the use of accurate 3-D models that reconstruct the meteorological fields making up the atmosphere, i.e. wind profiles, temperature inversions, stability, wind shear at altitude, etc.

These studies are generally conducted during acute pollution episodes in order to gain insight into and reconstruct pollutant dispersion patterns in an industrial or urban environment.

We also use data from the meteorological models we employ (RAMS, MM5, WRF) to accurately set dispersion models (e.g. Lagrangian models) in order to reconstruct recorded pollution episodes.

These same meteorological models are used at larger spatial scales (i.e. regional scale) to provide meteorological data and input for customer-specific dispersion models when the target area is not covered by meteorological measurement stations, or when these ground-level stations are not equipped to factor in data on predominant meteorological phenomena at altitude, such as wind shear or temperature inversion...

The output from these models can also be used to accurately pinpoint potential wind farm sites within complex topographical areas.

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