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Groundwater Regulations equipment for Soil and Groundwater

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    PUREGOLD - Model CLEANDRILL - Bentonite Free Powder

    PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL is a bentonite free powder designed for special conditions associated with drilling horizontal directional recovery wells for groundwater remediation. PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL controls and helps maintain formation permeability and porosity.

    By CETCO based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bentonite Free Powder Product line

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    AMS - Model 9520-D - Power Probe System

    The 9520-D (Diesel) PowerProbe runs off of a 60 hp liquid-cooled, turbo-charged diesel engine. It comes standard with a 350 ft-lb hydraulic hammer for direct push, groundwater, soil gas, and remedial injection type sampling. Like the 9520-VTR, this model can also be equipped with our 4,000 ft/lb auger motor and 3,000lb winch assembly. This model ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Power Probe System Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 11.03.30 - Manual Sounding Devices

    The devices are provided with a probe, which is connected to a measuring tape with centimeter graduation. When the probe touches a conductive liquid, a clear acoustic and light signal is produced. If the cable is then lifted a little, the signal will stop. Determination of this point allows the user to read the depth directly from the measuring ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Manual Sounding Devices Product line

  • EISC - Discharge Monitoring Report System

    The EISC Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) System product solution is a software system that facilitates the communication of analytical results to Discharge Monitoring Reports for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

    By EISC based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA).

  • Model GPRO - High Pressure - Gas Diffusion System

    The groundwater Pressurized Remediation Optimizer (gPRO) High Pressure (HP) system, based on inVentures patented Gas inFusion technology, inFuses higher stabilized concentrations of dissolved gas into water compared to any other technology. For superb bioremediation results, inFusion is accomplished without additives such as hydrogen peroxide, ...

    By Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from High Pressure - Gas Diffusion System Product line

  • ABEM- WalkTEM - Transient Electromagnetic System

    ABEM WalkTEM offers fast, efficient penetration of conductive overburden with excellent data collection in high resistivity zones. The Transient Electro-Magnetic (TEM) method offers good penetration of conductive overburden and is increasingly popular for hydrogeological purposes as well as general geological mapping and mineral exploration. Since ...

    By Guideline Geo based in Sundbyberg, SWEDEN. from Transient Electromagnetic System Product line


    Storm water is simply rain water or melted snow that runs off the land and into rivers, streams, and lakes. When storm water flows through industrial sites it may accumulate pollutants and transport them into national waterways where they can impact wildlife, restrict swimming areas, and affect the navigability of the nation’s waters.

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from SWPPP Product line

  • SeparatorsPlus - Oil / Water Separators and Interceptors

    Oil separators are fitted to surface water drainage systems to prevent pollution by oils and to protect the environment. The Groundwater Regulations, for example, prohibit discharge into the ground and/or watercourses of pollutants such as hydrocarbons (oils, greases, fuel etc.). Oil Separators separate oil from the water, retaining it safely ...

    By Highspeed Group Ltd based in Keighley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Eljen - Pipe Sleeve

    Keep underground drains clear for maximum performance and longevity. PipeSleeve separates soil from groundwater preventing sediments from clogging perforated drain pipes.

    By Eljen Corporation based in East Hartford, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Blackhawk - Pump Controller

    Conventional pump controllers run fast, then stop—on and off, like a light switch. As a result, pump production is inconsistent, and operating costs are high. Stop-and-go performance is hard on critical machinery, too. As requirements for pump efficiency and effectiveness continue to rise, operators look to technological improvements to meet ...

    By Blackhawk Technology Company based in Glen Ellyn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Pump Controller Product line

  • Model Micro-Diver - Groundwater Datalogger

    Compact Datalogger for Groundwater Monitoring. Compact size: Ø 18 mm - length 88 mm, 48,000 records of time stamp, pressure and temperature, 30-Point Pressure Factory Calibration, Pre-programmed and user defined pumping tests.

    By Dune Technologies, LLC based in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN (USA). from Groundwater Datalogger Product line

  • NUMIS, Proton Magnetic Resonance System

    Equipment for direct detection of groundwater through magnetic resonance measurements. Depth of investigation: down to 100 m.

    By Fugro Instruments based in West Ryde, AUSTRALIA.

  • Wolftank - Remote Monitoring Systems

    Wolftank's remote monitoring system permits 24/7 continuous remote monitoring of a gas station or storage facility for potentially hazardous liquids with absolutely no intervention from on-site personnel. The system helps prevent soil and groundwater contamination in accordance with current regulations for the protection of the environment.

    By Wolftank based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Remote Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Model Z-PURE - Oxidation Catalysts

    Girtz Z-PURE product line is a complete line of emissions controls products for your generator sets. We offer oxidation catalysts (diesel or lean-burn gas), diesel particulate filters, and three-way converters for rich burn engines. Product offerings include standard configurations as well as customized solutions. Products are all optimized to ...

    By Girtz Industries Inc. based in Monticello, INDIANA (USA).

  • HDPE Geomembranes

    HDPE Geomembranes provide a complete seal against even the most toxic substances. Routinely installed as a component of landfill base seals as well as caps HDPE protects groundwater from contamination. Even the strictest regulations and controls for the storage, filling, handling, manufacturing, treatment and use of contaminated liquids.

    By Bareen Construction based in Erbil, IRAQ.

  • Numis Lite - Magnetic Resonance Sounding System (MRS)

    The Numis lite device is a Magnetic Resonance Sounding (MRS) system for the direct detection of shallow groundwater down to 50 m of depth.

    By IRIS Instruments based in Orleans, FRANCE. from Magnetic Resonance Sounding System (MRS) Product line

  • Weston - In Situ Recirculating Well Technology

    Recirculating Well Technology is an in situ system for remediating contaminated aquifers. This technology is based on a very simple concept and design where downhole equipment creates movement of groundwater into and back out of the well after treatment. This movement develops a groundwater circulation cell around a remediation well. The ...

    By Weston Solutions, Inc based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from In Situ Recirculating Well Technology Product line

  • Provect-IR - Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent

    This distinctive, patented combination of natural and food-grade chemicals promotes ISCR conditions for fast and effective destruction of targeted constituents of interest (COIs) such as chlorinated solvents, organochlorine pesticides, and other halogenated compounds. Notably, Provect-IR is the only ISCR reagent to simultaneously inhibit the ...

    By Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. based in Freeport, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • PlumeStop - Liquid Activated Carbon

    A Fast-Acting Groundwater Remediation Reagent which Captures and Biodegrades a Range of Contaminants.

    By Regenesis based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Liquid Activated Carbon Product line

  • UV Water Treatment - Virus Barrier

    There are a variety of viruses that may be present in water that, if not treated, may present a health risk to consumers. Examples include adenovirus, rotavirus,poNovJrus. and coxsackievirus.

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